Little girls snow boots size 2

Equip your little girl with a great pair of winter boots for girls and waterproof mittens. In addition, a quality jacket will keep your daughter warm and comfy and ready for outdoor play all winter long. Try buying a pair of extra thick socks and buying snow boots one size larger for extra insulation and getting another year of wear. Check out Cabela's and ShoeBuy for the latest prices on little girls snow boots size 2.


The North Face® Girls' Nuptse Bootie II at the Cabela's website offers the perfect girls snow boots for active children outdoors and indoors. Little girls just slip them on and the ankle elastic keeps them in place on your daughters feet.

You will notice the cushioned support inside as well as the special outsoles designed for great traction to prevent slipping and sliding. These booties are available in sizes 1-6 and come in pink, with a retail price of $64.99.


Enjoy great customer service when dealing with Shoebuy.com, which offers a 100% guarantee and free shipping, including free return shipping as well.

Shoebuy.com sells Roc a bouts Aurora in pink or arctic at a reasonable price of $39.45. These snow boots for little girls include generous openings, fleece lining and weather resistant uppers.

The Bogs Classic High Handles is a little bit more expensive at $77.95. These come in a choice of purple or blue and are fully waterproof. The Bogs Classic are ideal for the coldest of temperatures your daughter may encounter. Specially designed soles with non-slip technology assure parents of their daughters safety on snow and ice.

Take your choice of little girls snow boots size 2 at Cabela's and Shoebuy.com and get ready for winter.

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