Listen to Temperley

Alice Temperley is the queen of luxe bohemian loveliness, she grew up on a cider farm in Somerset which goes a long way to explaining the designer's fashion ethos. So who better to explain to us in simple steps, how best to achieve 10/10 for festival dressing? No one, that's who.

Alice told Vogue, 'Take really comfortable loose pieces that look effortless to wear," she told us. "Converse are the perfect shoes, unless you need wellies, as they helps protect your feet if you tread on anything horrid - not too hot not too cold. A pair of sunglasses are a must and a good satchel or pouch bag that you can wear across your body with the few essentials - the smaller the better. Loose layers and a piece of cashmere so you don't get caught short when the sun goes behind a cloud.'

She continued, 'I have been to every Glastonbury since I was two years old so this one remains my staple and my favourite.'However, I long to go to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada that takes place at the end of summer every year, it is meant to be incredible.' Hmmm, we're developing a bad case of festival envy...

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