Lip tattoo, anyone?

We've always found old-fashioned lipstick disappointment in a tube; it looks so beautiful and smells like parma violets, but upon application, only lasts for about, ooh, five seconds. So we jumped for joy after reading about the newest invention in the world of beauty - temporary lip tattoos.

According to Fashionista.com, the tattoos are 'like the Sally Hansen nail strips, but for your mouth', and cost $15 for three applications. Brace yourselves for the cast of TOWIE and Hollyoaks starlets to be wearing these to every photo op, slightly more visible than vajazzling, you see...

The tattoos come in some frankly bizarre colours and patterns, including the obligatory leopard print, pink pokerdot, glittery gold and rainbow. We want. Just not at the same time as eating, obv.

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