Lindsay Lohan Poses for Terry Richardson

Lindsay Lohan’s recent poses for Terry Richardson are gaining her more attention than any of her movie roles. Nowadays only her antics away from the set draw her any attention and it’s not always positive publicity. The troubled movie star was recently embroiled in an altercation with fans at a bar and could have faced prosecution over allegations of a hit and run incident which happened after she left The Sayers Club following a night of partying with friends.


Terry Richardson's career has also been controversial. The notorious fashion photographer is known for exploring his subject’s sexuality and often depicts full-frontal nudity. In his most recent photo shoot with Lady Gaga, the provocative pop star is posed with an American football covering her breasts. Richardson also courted controversy by using skinny and unhealthy looking models in an ad campaign for gym chain Equinox and, during his 2010 shoot with Lohan for Purple Magazine, one picture depicting her with a crown of thorns and a low cut top led to heated debate.


Perhaps things will change for the provocative star now that she’s taken on the role of Elizabeth Taylor for the upcoming film, Liz and Dick. The new movie for the Lifetime channel, could give the Mean Girls star something positive to focus on.

Rob Sharenow of Lifetime Networks explained his decision to hire Lohan in a press conference: 'She is one of the rare actresses who possesses the talent, beauty and intrigue to capture the spirit of such a provocative icon.'

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