Linday Lohan's shoe plans

You can say one thing about Lindsay Lohan - she doesn't give up easily. The actress-turned-fashion-designer-turned-tabloid-scandal-maker is set to leave rehab next week and according to E! Online one of her first priorities will be to get started on a line of footwear for her fashion brand 6126.

A rep for Lohan's fashion label said: 'She'll finalize everything when she's out' and described the vision for Lohan's shoe designs as 'classic, glamorous, timeless with a sexy flair.'

Lohan established her label in 2008 in collaboration with Kristi Kaylor, at first with a range of leggings. It expanded into a full collection earlier in 2010, and looks set to grow even bigger over the next year. If Lindsay puts as much effort into the label as she does into partying then it could be big business indeed.

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