Lily's wedding plans

Lily Allen took a step back into the spotlight yesterday to attend the Chanel show at Paris Fashion Week, where she also met the label's creative genius Karl Lagerfeld to discuss dress designs for her forthcoming wedding.

Lily, who now lives in Gloucestershire, looked quite Cotswold-chic in a tweed coat and black sunglasses, sitting front row with Alexa Chung. Clearly a passionate devotee of the Chanel brand, she opted for not one but two quilted Chanel handbags for her trip - possibly sparking a new trend amongst fashion-forward bag-fanatics.

She told photographers outside Lagerfeld's studio 'I'm here to see Karl for my wedding dress'. But Allen didn't stay long in Paris, heading back to the Cotswolds quickly after the show and tweeting ': 'Chanel show in Paris was lovely. On my way home now, think I might hide for a while.'. Lily is due to marry her fiancee Sam Cooper later this year.

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