Lily's Lucy in Disguise

Pretty soon Lily Allen will have her hands full, and we don't just mean with the bundle of joy that the 'Smile' singer is soon to give birth to but with fantastic vintage and retro clothes. Having had a successful outing of their fashion line 'Lucy in Disguise' at Selfridges a few months ago, Lily, with her sister Sarah, recently unveiled their new vintage clothes shop for the brand in Covent Garden, London.

Attending the opening event, fuelled by Grey Goose Vodka cocktails, were designer Julien MacDonald, Daisy Lowe and Jaime Winstone who flicked through rails of 'Mad-Men' inspired eighties suits and glamorous one-pieces, Vogue online reports.

Allen commented that managing the store with her sister was proving a breeze: 'It wasn't something that I thought I'd be doing years back but I had the idea about a year ago, and thought it'd be good to do with my sister. It's been fine working together, we haven't had any fights - I think we got over those in our teenage years'.

The shop was previously intended for Fitzrovia but like the clothes the shop will be selling to all-comers, the sisters wanted the store and the clothes to be accessible, with items ranging from £30 to £300.

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