Lily Cole joins the M&S girls

The waif-like auburn beauty Lily Cole has signed up with M&S to promote a new exclusive range for the high street chain. Lily, 19, will be the face of the new Spring/Summer 2008 collection and M&S have been praising both her beauty and her dedication to the environment, which they say fits well with their ethos.

She is rumoured to be worth around £11 million and will be the exclusive face of the new Limited Collection, which goes on sale in January. Key features of the new M&S range she'll is be promoting include ankle-length maxi suits, fitted macs and tailored casualwear. From Torquay in Devon, Lily recently wrote the foreword for Tamsin Blanchard’s ethical fashion book Green Is The New Black.

Take a look at Lily in action on the catwalk.

(Image: Charlotte Gilhooly's Flickr stream)

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