Like Mother Like Daughter

Madonna and daughter Lourdes launched their brand new clothing range, Material Girl, this week at Macy’s in New York. The style evokes 80s-era Madonna with its mix of cropped biker jackets, ra ra skirts and obligatory peroxide perm (actually we made that last one up but there certainly is a slightly terrifying ‘Madge Clone’ theme to the whole range).

The launch party was attended by hundreds of teenage fans dressed as Madonna, eager to catch a glimpse of the Pop Messiah and her daughter. Sadly they had to make do with a cupcake and a performance from Gossip Girl star and new face of Material Girl, Taylor Momsen, as according to the Daily Mail, Madge and offspring didn’t show up. Perhaps they had a wardrobe crisis – what do you wear to a party where everyone’s dressed as you?

According to Lourdes’ blog the range is actually very eclectic, ‘it’s not only rock chick, there are also some boho items, skater, and some great 80’s pieces as well.’ The label has attracted criticism for aiming raunchy lace mini-dresses and slashed crop tops at a teenage market, so parents will surely be relieved that Madonna’s Hung Up leotard didn’t make it into the range.

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