Lightweight Ski Jackets; Good idea, Bad idea?

When buying ski jackets one must consider a number of different things. It needs to be warm and able to protect you from the elements, the wind, snow and rain as you fly down the slope. While at the same time being lightweight enough not to weigh you down and preventing you from having the best possible time on your ski holiday. The most important things you need to consider are; warmth, breathability, durability, layering and lightweight material.

As a general rule, when dressing for skiing you should follow the three layer system. The first layer of is a thermal layer (like an under armour type thermal), the second is a fleece layer (like a sweater or other shirt), and the final layer is the ski jacket. The weight of your jacket should decided on after taking the climate and time of year into account. One piece of advice, remember it's always better to over-dress for the conditions than under-dress. The ski jacket is definitely not the pace to scrimp on the pennies.

If its lightweight ski jackets your looking for Columbia really led the field in both functionality and style. You can view the current range of ski jackets at columbia.com. Be sure you shop around when purchasing as many companies are offering great reductions and excellent discounts. Be sure to search google and be sure to do your research before committing, and do not be afraid to ask for assistance in your local outdoor shop.

Happy Skiing.

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