Light as a feather

Birds of a Feather star Pauline Quirk has fallen back in love with fashion, after losing a staggering 7 stone. The Emmerdale actress says she lost the weight after being told by her doctor that she was dangerously overweight and needed to shed some pounds. Pauline went on the LighterLife Weight-Loss programme and in less than a year she has dropped from 19st to 12st, meaning she can now fit into size 14 clothes. She tells the Mail: 'I look at the fashion pages in magazines, too, which I'd never done before because I had no interest. Why would I? My size was so limiting to the amount of stuff I could buy.'

At the British Soap Awards, where Pauline was nominated for Best Newcomer, she was able to wear a gorgeous black prom dress from highstreet store Monsoon. She talks about her excitement to be able to buy from a ‘regular size’ store: ‘I went and bought a dress at Monsoon, the first time I've been able to pick up a dress from a shop that isn't targeted at larger women. Usually, I'd have got out of the car and run like the wind just to get into the building and avoid photographers because I hated having my picture taken. But that night I sauntered down the red carpet thinking, ‘Look at me’.

Check out the photos of Pauline on the Mail’s site here. She certainly looks a lot more comfortable posing for the photographers in the obligatory celeb paparazzi-scrum.

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