Life's not fur, Victoria

Animal rights activists PETA are allegedly planning some pretty foul stunts aimed at Victoria Beckham, the Mirror reveals. According to the tabloid, PETA have been angered by Posh’s use of lizard, crocodile and calf skins in her latest collection and the overwhelmingly positive press reaction to her New York show has only served to fuel their wrath.

An unnamed source (always a guarantee of a reliable story) told the Mirror: ‘One of the ideas being mooted is that Victoria gets covered in a bucket of animal blood - cow or lizard - at her next UK public appearance. Another rather sick suggestion was to pelt crocodile feet at her when she goes to an editors' lunch in London next month. Victoria tries not to surround herself with bodyguards but her security has had to be increased.’

Apparently PETA has tried to contact Victoria by email on several occasions asking her to see the error of her ways, and even resorted to publicly tweeting at her. However Vogue.com reports that the animal lovers have apparently denied any planned attacks, and has instead sent Victoria videos of animal cruelty in a final attempt to make her understand their plea.

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