Liam Gallagher sets up shop on Carnaby Street

Is it fair to say Liam Gallagher is not known as one of the world’s best dressers? After all, he did some pretty unforgivable things in the 90s, inspiring the nation's youth to hack their hair into box cuts and cover their faces with a duffle coat (or was that just us?). Well, y’all had better just think again - his clothing label Pretty Green sets up shop in London today and fashion-folk are officially excited.

Set up by Liam last year, menswear label Pretty Green is already stocked in 40 countries and this new temporary shop on Carnaby Street marks its official London debut as a fashion retailer. The style has a clear nod to the 60s so it’s no surprise to hear that mod icon Paul Weller is on board in the creative team, alongside rock 'n' roll London tailer Nick Holland. The store features a Lambretta Li 150 series 3 replica scooter and, modestly, a panoramic image of Liam Gallagher on the walls.

Pretty Green is available from Selfridges, prettygreen.com and the new store, Pretty Green Temporary, which opens at 11.00am, Friday, 30th July - 57 Carnaby Street, London, W1; prettygreen.com

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