Leading retailer Zara offers no plus size clothing in the UK yet

In the past years many fast-fashion outlets started catering for plus sizes, thus giving women pf all body shapes and sizes the chance to dress up in style. This revolution, however, did not effect world leading brand Zara, still not producing plus size clothing.

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From H&M to Forever 21 and Mango, high street chains have pitched their collections to accommodate larger sizes, a process that is not always easy and risk free, simply because bigger sizes garments are more expensive to produce. However, the sales often prove the investment right and a general public satisfaction applauds this kind of improvements.

Both high street fashion retailers and the new generation of e-retailers such as ASOS have dramatically improved their profits by selling trendy plus size clothes. But amongst these plus sizes friendly fashion brands, a big name is still missing: Spanish retailer giant Zara, in fact, has not yet made the move into a wider democratization of its production towards different body shapes and standards. How comes?

The issue is especially relevant for the US market, where the average size for women nowadays is 16, and incidentally also the place where Zara has, in total, less stores than anywhere else. Whatever the reasons, the European fashion chain is certainly missing out on the middle America market, which is a huge and has, accordingly, a huge potential for the brand.

It has been reported, in fact, that a size XL of the Spanish fashion chain really corresponds to a US size 8. But is this the case for the UK market?

It is true that sizes vary slightly according to brands, and their reception greatly according to countries, however a size 16, or an XL, is possibly never, and nowhere, considered a plus size. If we stick to this standard, we have to admit that Zara is not yet offering a collection for a range of sizes classifiable as 'plus', and all we can do is wait until the fastest growing and leading fashion retailer in the world acknowledges the fact that and takes its style revolution that wee step further.

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