Let him entertain you

Sometimes it seems like there is not a celebrity in the world without their own clothing line these days. Victoria Beckham has made it her life mission to dress the world’s women, and a very good job she’s doing too, whilst the boys' wardrobes are being taken care of by…errr N-Dubz and Liam Gallagher. But wait, what news is this? Robbie Williams has his own clothing line too? And he has actually had a hand in designing it himself? Get outta town.

According to Vogue the ex Take That sweetheart-turned-bad boy has a line of clothing stocked exclusively in House of Fraser and, he tells them, he actually helped to create it: ’I was inspired by the clothes that I've always worn and loved,’ he explained ‘I worked with a great team of experienced people who helped me to bring my ideas to life. I enjoyed choosing every detail - from the lining, to the buttons to the cut. The process has been a great opportunity for me to create looks from top to bottom.’

The label, called Farrell, features Macs, duffle coats, check shirts, dinner shirts and an assortment of hats. The inspiration came from his grandfather, he explained, who liked to look smart. This focus on dapper dressing stayed with Williams who says he likes ‘to be comfortable but I do enjoy being a British gent and dressing up a bit’.

The launch of the label took place on the eve of London Fashion Week at House of Fraser’s Oxford Street store and such was the popularity of the collection that the Daily Mail reports it will soon be stocked in branches of All Saints, Burton, French Connection, Very.co.uk and Topman.

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