Searching for the Latest Handbags

Which are the latest handbags of 2011? The trending handbag is the strapless bag that is fastened around the wrist. This type of bag is also known as a wrist bag. It is not really a new trend, but more a throwback from the 70s when they used to come in all types of bright colours. Today’s version is less conspicuous and often comes in real leather.

Finding the Bag

Almost any clothes shop in the UK now has the wrist bag in stock. Do your regular window-shopping over the weekend and you will be sure to spot one or two. However, the colours and designs might be limited. For those of you hooked on fashion magazines, they are an even better place to start. You will get to know exactly how the bags look, which fashion houses are producing them and even what other accessories or types of clothes to wear them with.


This is the easiest place to start a search, since virtually everyone has a computer connected to the web at home or in the office. Simply enter designer handbags as the keywords for your search using any search engine and see what comes up. To help you along, you can try the sites below and see if you can find the latest bags for sale there.

  • Fashionshop.co.uk
  • Leathershop.co.uk
  • Ukhandbags.com
  • Shopstyle.co.uk

There are also fashion magazines online that you can pick up pointers from.

What They Cost

The standard wrist bag made from genuine leather costs around £63. A Gucci Princy wrist bag however, will set you back £250. The good news is that you can hire it for £15 a week, if your budget does not allow ownership. Latest handbags may not be for the faint at heart.

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