Rings and things: looking for large z3 wedding rings?

If you’re currently planning for the most important day of your life, your wedding day, when you say ‘I do’ to your significant other and then exchange rings, remember that the fit of the ring is as important as the fit of the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit. No-one wants to see a struggle to get the ring onto the fair hand of a beloved, but also keep in mind that statistics show many men lose their wedding rings  because they choose sizes that are too loose. The right ring may feel a little tight at first.

There are two ways of measuring a ring. The first is with a finger gauge or sizing stick. The jeweller slides a ring onto the gauge and reads the corresponding size marked on the stick. The second is a finger gauge. The jeweller has a collection of metal sample rings and the buyer finds his or her size by trial and error.  The average size for an adult woman is L to Q (6-8 American) and for a man, J to W (9-11).  The best size is a ring that fits snugly and gives a little resistance when you take it off.

Ladies, if you’re marrying a hunk, you may well be looking at large z3 wedding rings. The largest standard size is z4 so z3 (14 Am) is the penultimate standard ring size, although larger sizes can be ordered. The diameter is 0.906 inches and the inside circumference 2.845 inches. Although it’s common to buy your wedding ring at a specialized high street jewellers, if you’re looking to save on expense and know your size you can buy large z3 wedding rings on the internet. Go to http://www.theukjewellers.co.uk/shops/online-jewellers.html for a list of online jewelers including the big ones, www.bluenile.co.uk www.ampalian.com and www.goldsmiths.co.uk. Prices start at around £400 and go up to over £1.000. We even found a z3 wedding ring on Amazon. It’s a Russian sterling silver wedding ring for £51.75.  Congratulations to the bride and groom!

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