Lapo Elkann and Karl Lagerfeld to design eyewear capsule collection

United States-based manufacturer and distributor of eyewear Marchon who from 2008 has licensed Karl Lagerfeld’s eyewear collection, is teaming up with Italia Independent, another eyewear company, to design an exclusive capsule collection.

Italia Independent, co-founded by the flamboyant Lapo Elkann, grandson of Gianni Agnelli and one of the heirs of the Fiat fortune, reached a two-year agreement with the famous and tireless 77-year old German designer.

The new collection will be launched in October 2013.

The capsule collection that will be ‘sophisticated and innovative,’ will feature both sun and optical frames for men and women – and include three sun frames (one for women, one for men and one unisex) and three optical frames (one for women, one for men, and one unisex) and will feature a new and specific logo that will reflect the mix of both companies.

Elkann, 35, who was recently inducted in the Automotive Hall of Fame and received the Young Leader & Excellence Award in Detroit last week said, "I am proud of this collaboration, that represents an extraordinary example of teamwork between a multinational company like Marchon, an iconic brand as Karl Lagerfeld and a fast growing reality as brand, like Italia Independent."

"It's an important recognition of the work that Italia Independent has done over the years in terms of innovation and product development; the passion for I-I of an icon like Karl Lagerfeld, represents a legitimation for the glasses with velvet effect that we launched in 2009.”

"I love velvet gloves on iron hands and velvet sunglasses... on steel eyes," said the artistic director of Chanel, talking about the innovative soft ‘velvet effect’ that is part of Italia Independent’s cutting edge and hi-tech eyewear.

Italia Independent Group, that is now publicly listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, will manage the Italian market, while Marchon will handle all other international distribution of the collection.

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