Holiday Shopping: Lancel Handbags

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Lancel is a name that has been around for 135 years and every decade has brought something new and more exciting than the last. When you think designer purses, Lancel handbags are at top of the list. They offer everything from the large day-to-day purse to the trendy shoulder bag everyone loves. If someone on your holiday list is dying for a Lancel handbag, look no further than these top shops.

Shop UKs

If your budget is limited but Lancel handbags are a must-buy this season, Shopuks.com is where it’s at. They carry a large selection of trendy handbags from Louis Vuitton, Anya Hindmarc, and Lancel for all your shopping desires.

The selection of Lancel purses are all currently priced at the purse-friendly price of £199. You have the choice from small to large sized bags, in a variety of colours such as beige, red, violet, pink, and brown, all in quality leather to last.


If cost isn’t an issue, the selection of Lancel handbags are LUISAVIAROM.com is sure to satisfy your shopping list. You get the added bonus of free shipping in the UK, so order as many as you like without worry of delivery costs.

Their current collection carries the two unique and outstanding Lancel designer bags to choose from. Fill up your basket with a Mystere Maxi leather bag for £437 in blue or red, or grab a white or black Premier Flirt Croc bag for £630.

Lancel Store

Heading over to France for a bit of shopping? Don’t forget to hit up the Lancel store and check out their Daligramme collection, or check it out before going at Daligramme.com.

The Daligramme collection is made up of four unique bags in classic leather with a unique monogrammed print. Giving you nothing but the best Lancel has to offer, as usual.


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