Laguna London designer handbags

The Laguna London brand was founded in 2001 and grew rapidly, offering high quality designer handbags to suit fashion conscious women across the world. The demand for Laguna London handbags has increased dramatically since they became established in 2001 and they now stock their designer range in shops including Selfridges and Harrods. They have also taken off in other parts of the world including Paris and Japan.

The Laguna brand is inspired by harmony of a work life balance. They design the range using the energy of a buzzing city and merging it with a more relaxed lifestyle.

The range of Laguna London handbags are varied and are made in styles to suit all occasions including, a clutch for those who want to dazzle on an evening with a designer bag in their hands. They have a wedding range including ostrich feather designs to give the bag a unique and sophisticated feel, and the everyday bag for those who want the understated designer fashion accessory for everyday use. The quality of the Laguna brand is noticeable in each collection and you can be sure with a Laguna London handbag on your arm, you will be the envy of all your friends.

The Laguna London bags are of premium quality and offer sophistication with a functional use. Each bag is designed with real care to meet the needs of everyone who chooses to own one or more of these fabulous bags. With their appealing style they suit people of all ages who have a need to look great and feel fantastic, with a designer fashion accessory that can be worn season after season.

With a huge collection of designer handbags it will be difficult to choose which one is for you, team that with a real ‘value for money’ then this brand is a definite must have! Each handbag is designed using the highest quality materials which have been sourced from across the world which gives a real feeling of luxury. When you own a Laguna London designer handbag you will already be saving up to buy the next one!!

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