Lagerfeld on a budget

Well, this is very welcome news, we must say. Karl Lagerfeld, who, as we have mentioned before, definitely has 'something of the night' about him, is keen to bring out another cheaper range for us fashion-addicted paupers. The Chanel and Fendi head was interviewed to publicise snaps he took for French catalogue '3 Suisses', where he was pictured sitting atop a washing machine. Tres chic.

Lagerfeld said, 'My dream is to turn the whole house of Lagerfeld into this kind of [mass] business, because I am at the peak of luxury with Chanel and Fendi. Being at both ends of the market is the height of luxury.'

Commenting on the washing machine, he noted, 'It is so chic and pretty. I would like to have one — not to wash clothes but to put in my dressing room to hold my dirty laundry.'

What a marvelous, yet utterly pointless idea.

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