Lagerfeld dazzles in Paris

Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2011 read-to-wear show made a huge splash at Paris Fashion Week. Karl Lagerfeld is well known for his ability to combine utmost taste with sheer jaw-dropping opulence and by the sounds of things, that is precisely what he delivered in the Grand Palais yesterday.

According to Grazia the enormous building was transformed into a formal garden made in black and white, complete with working fountains and trellis borders. A live orchestra was situated at one end of the space with some 80 models showing off the label’s 87 looks. Grazia describes the collection as ‘a tour de force and a display of energy and life force that many half his age struggle to express’.

The FROW (that’s front row, any of our non a-list celeb readers) was littered with major names including Lily Allen, Anna Wintour, Claudia Schiffer, Courtney Love and Keira Knightly (looking demure in a vaguely TV news reader kinda way). Lagerfeld’s shows always attract huge attention and this season clearly did not disappoint; Vogue wrote: ‘leaving the show today felt like we'd witnessed something truly spectacular’.

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