Lady Lorraine Gaga

Hands up who's seen Lorraine Kelly's tribute to Lady Gaga? The only thing it made us think is bizarre - albeit in an inspired and quite brilliant kind of way. Who would have thought that 50 year old Lorraine Kelly could pull off such a striking resemblance to the 24 year old pop tart? It's enough to restore our faith in the power of crime scene gaffer tape and coke can hair curlers....

We jest. In fact Mrs Kelly recreates 'Telephone' in a relatively demure black and white plunge neck dress, peroxide blonde hair and razor sharp shoulder pads. Yes, the shoot's creative director tactfully bypassed the hotpants and cowboy hats....

An excitable Mrs K says: 'I love the Gaga! How can you take me seriously looking like this?’. (Lorraine, we can't.) In explanation of the fun but pointless tribute, she adds: 'I love someone that just has fun and takes things to the extreme. She appeals to everyone and is so inspiring'.

Hmmm - has fun and appeals to everyone? The prerequisites of every good daytime telly presenter. When will Gaga return the favour on the GMTV couch?

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