Lady Gaga in Giorgio Armani for Born This Way Ball Tour

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Lady Gaga’s third concert tour will have a new look as the singer, known for her outrageous dress sense, takes to the stage wearing custom Giorgio Armani. The tour is in support of her second album, Born This Way and will consist of 110 shows in Asia, Australia, Europe and America.


This isn’t the first time that Armani has dressed the flamboyant star. She has worn Armani on numerous occasions, including the 2010 Grammy Awards. At that ceremony she made an impression in a lavender dress with cylindrical orbits circling her legs and beaded tights.

Outrageous Style

The five-foot one inch singer certainly knows how to make an entrance. She’s made fabulous her byword and outrageous style part of her brand, but does it work on stage?

Monster's Ball Tour

During her Monster’s Ball tour, she wore a bulb-covered futuristic silver jumpsuit for Dance in the Dark, and during her performance of Fashion, she wore a gold Egyptian style body suit and crown. Although none of these outfits were Armani, the Italian fashion house collaborated with her on some of the designs for the tour.

The Dress

As you would expect from Lady Gaga, her Armani wardrobe for the Born This Way Ball includes gloves with mirrored nails, a Perspex bodice with crystals and studs accompanied by a fringe with Swarovski, latex and spikes.


If you would like to see Lady Gaga in Giorgio Armani for the Born This Way Ball Tour when it comes to the UK and Europe, you will need to be quick because tickets are selling fast.

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