Where to find a Lady Gaga fancy dress costume

If you are going to fancy dress party but don't fancy following the usual crowd, why not be really up-to-date and dress like a celebrity. One of the best outfits you could try, so that people instantly know who you are, is Lady Gaga. This fancy dress costume is really easy to put together and you won't need her wardrobe budget to create it either.

Below you'll find a list of items you'll definitely need for your Lady Gaga fancy dress costume;

  1. A wig - either her signature platinum blonde or one of the crazier colours that she's tried like yellow or turquoise. You'll need either a long style with a heavy fringe or a crazy bow style.
  2. Something crazy to wear - you probably won't want to wear a meat dress, but some of her other outfits may take your fancy. You could go down the skimpy underwear route, wear a bubble wrap dress or fashion something out of some Kermit the frog teddies. The crazier the better.
  3. Really high shoes. You'd never see Gaga in ballet pumps, so grab yourself a pair of platformed high heeled boots or stilettos.
  4. Makeup - lots of it too. You'll need lashings of eyeliner and mascara as well as lots of very pale lipstick.

You could buy these items from the high street and maybe try to fashion one of her kookier outfits together yourself, or you could go online to one of the sites below and let them put it all together for you;

  • fancydress.com
  • escapade.co.uk
  • props-n-frocks.co.uk
  • partydomain.co.uk
  • acefancydress.co.uk

These sites offer the full Gaga package. prices range from £25 to £100 depending on how authentic you want your outfit to look.

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