Lady Dior phone

This week's ridiculous and totally not necessary purchase is the Lady Dior phone. Born from the Lady Dior concept of the working woman on the go, the Lady Dior phone is so blinging it's set our bling stations on fire baby. The casing is encrusted with a measly 640 Swarovsky Crystals, bound in crocodile skin and comes in two varieties. Silver screams, 'look at me right now', black whispers, 'I'm effortlessly stylish, I don't need to scream.'

While the camera is only 2MP - as opposed to your average handset which packs a steady 5MP, it's worth remembering that functionality isn't everything. The Lady Dior phone is unashamedly ostentatious and we will never tire of whipping it from our Dior bag to gasps and whoops from gushy admirers. Oh and it costs $27,000. *Sigh.*

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