Some great ladies wellington boots size 6

If you are looking for a pair of ladies wellington boots in a size 6 then you have come to the right place. With so many great online stores stocking women's wellingtons we have decided to narrow it down to two of the best.

One of the best things about wellies is how popular they have become at festivals. This has changed wellies for the better in many ways. Before they were really only associated with farming so they were very plain and boring to look at. Now hundreds of designers have started to stock some seriously fashionable offerings.

Head over to the wellywarehouse.co.uk website and see lots of really stylish wellies at great prices. Wellies nowadays can set you back hundreds of pounds if you want something really cool. Thanks to websites like the Welly Warehouse they are much more affordable.

We found a pair of Hunter wellies in a size 6 for only £59.99. If you were to shop anywhere else they would cost you between £75 and £100 so this is just one of the many great deals that they have on at the moment.

The easy-wellies.co.uk is another great website that is well worth a look. Again you can get some funky wellies for the festivals for a decent prices.

How about a set of Legend wedge wellies? These are some of the most popular wellies on the market and thanks to the Easy-Wellies website you can get them for only £19.99! They have been reduced from £40.00 so snag a pair while the deals are hot.

There you have it, two great pairs of ladies wellingtons in size 6, check them out!

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