How to pull off ladies wedge shoes with style

If you are like many women, you love the idea of high heels but hate the fact that they can be so uncomfortable. You may have checked out some wedges but shy away from those chunky looks wondering just what you would wear with them. Well, today’s ladies wedge shoes have an updated look that make them easy to pair with any outfit you throw together.

Perfect with Jeans

Ladies wedge shoes are a perfect match with jeans. But you do not have to go for those big bell-bottoms or flared jeans to wear them. Pair a pair of bootcut jeans with a fancy wedge look. Grab a pair with a solid toe, like a black shoe or get funky with some sparkly jewels on the wedge.

Super Fun with Shorts

Casual shorts and funky wedges are the perfect combination this summer. You can go a little wild and really have some fun with all the different wedge styles when you pair them with casual shorts. Try a pair from Tory Burch to pair with favourite shorts on your next casual date.

Sexy with Skirts

The perfect way to complement those flowing skirts and dresses this summer is with ladies wedge shoes. They provide a balanced yet chic look for daytime wear and a trendy and sexy look for nighttime dates. Be careful not to wear with tight or slim skirts, your feet will look huge, chunky, and anything but sexy!

Cute with Capris

Summer just is not summer without capris! A pair of wide-legged capris paired with ankle-wrap ladies wedge shoes is the perfect summer treat. However, like with skirts, stay away from tight-legged capris, otherwise you’ll end up looking like you are standing on two cement bricks, which is anything but cute!


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