Don’t miss out on the hottest ladies summer shoes and sandals

The best way to show off that gorgeous summer tan this year is with trendy ladies summer shoes and sandals. The hottest designer shoes this season scream gorgeous with everything from wedges to ankle strap sandals. If you want to pamper your feet and show off your legs at the same time, check out these hot ladies summer shoes and sandals.

Tan Sandals at Moda In Pelle at Surfdome.com are perfect for shorts and flowing summer dresses. As their names suggest, they are tan sandals but with a twist. A twist of gold, white, and tan leather rope straps give these tong sandals a touch of sparkle.

The Office.co.uk has some the trendiest ladies summer shoes and sandals this year. Their Sorbet Strap Sandals are one of their top choices of the season. Two simple white ankle straps buckle close and a deep tan toe-strap finishes the look, making it the perfect choice for mid and long flowing dresses and skirts.

If you are going to go for designer shoes this summer, you cannot bypass the 70s Flower Wedges available at TKMaxx.com this year. That touch of 70s never looked better than in deep brown leather with a blossoming flower on the toe. Pair them with a pair of shorts and dance the night away.

The hottest in ladies summer shoes and sandals would not be complete without a classic leather sandal. The classic Leather Sandals from Zadig and Voltaire available at Net-a-porter.com go with everything. A simple leather big-toe strap with the wrap around ankle strap is simple yet flattering with any ensemble.



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