ladies summer hats,one for every occasion

Ladies summer hats, how did we get here so quickly?

This has been one of the hardest winters many regions have seen in a long time but it looks like the blue skies are starting to peek through and many meteorologists are now predicting a warm summer with record high temperatures.

What this means, in terms of your wardrobe, is that its time for an instant injection of glamour and there are few single items that totally alter an outfit in quite the same way as a hat.

Hats have traditionally been worn at formal events such as weddings and at occasions such as Ascot but they are also enjoying a fashion revival and can be seen on a daily basis on the high street or even in night clubs. Always a cutting edge accessory, women's summer hats come in an extensive range that caters for exclusive events and even come with matching handbags in many instances.

What events might call for the appearance of a hat? From a fashion point of view, any occasion will do... poolside, trip to the beach, a shopping expedition, a wedding, a barbeque... the list is endless. From another perspective, and by that I mean the practical viewpoint, a summer hat is an absolute necessity.

The way that the weather is trending means a sharp increase in the presence of harmful UV rays which also means an increase in sun related skin issues such as sunburn. A summer hat, while looking stylish, also acts as a barrier against the sun on the tender scalp area.

Ladies summer hats, not an item that you want to leave out of your summer shopping list.

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