ladies summer dressing gowns, the revival begins

Ladies summer dressing gowns are enjoying a comeback as the days are getting warmer and the evenings are getting brighter.

Traditionally regarded as, and sometimes referred to as, Housecoats, the dressing gown was generally used indoors and in front of family. Now, the dressing gown comes in so many styles that it is almost unrecognisable from its early counterparts. No longer made simply from heavy brocade or velour, the dressing gown is more suited to the long evenings than to confinement indoors.

Summer dressing gowns also make an ideal "cover up", useful for a day at the beach to protect the delicate shoulder area but also they provide warmth when coming out from a swimming pool or the sea while on holidays.

Apart from the obvious practical functions of a dressing gown, there are a wide variety of nightgowns that come with matching dressing gowns that are cute and sexy. Floaty and teasing, these dressing gowns are more like lingerie and are anything but practical while remaining a feast for the senses..more underwear than outerwear, these dressing gowns promise long hot summer nights of an entirely different kind!

So whatever you're looking for in a dressing gown can be found either online or your local department stores. The lightweight summer dressing gowns that are on display now are so pretty that they could almost double as a cardigan in the evenings or the towelling variety would be more practical for daily usage or more vigorous daily activity. Whatever your selection may be, ladies summer dressing gowns will never compromise on your femininity.

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