ladies snow boots size 6 - the choice is yours!

Ladies snow boots size 6 is what you're going to need if you're actually a size 5! While this may sound strange initially, when you take into consideration that many women layer up in the winter even adding multiple pairs of socks and winter boots are already thickly lined, it makes a lot of sense. Many manufacturers suggest buying snow boots in a size bigger than you would ordinarily take so that you're not compromising on comfort.

The prices of snow boots vary widely and this is down to design, length and the brands. You can buy snow boots that are ankle, calf or knee length. Actual snow boots are bulky in design and many feature drawstring style details at the top for added heat retention and water resistant properties. There's many styles that have features such as moulded foot shape, thick waterproof padding, fleece lining and even a furry exterior!

Something to be aware of is that there is a difference between water proof and water resistant! Water proof means that you should stay dry and water resistant doesn't quite guarantee that!

eBay stocks a wide range of women's snow boots in a size 6 with auction prices starting at as little as £9.99 for a black calf length pair with Velcro straps and a fur lined foot!

Nextag.co.uk will give you an idea what's available in stores nationwide. Sites such as this and shopzilla.co.uk can be invaluable when it comes to saving time and money. You can see listings of all products that match your search, view the stockists along with the price and delivery charges if applicable.

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