Love the Ladies' Leather Wrist Bag?

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The ladies wrist bag comes in all sorts of fabrics and styles. It comes in satins for bridesmaids and communion princesses but it also comes in studded leather for the chic girl about town. Let's see who makes these up-and-coming purse-like-bag and where on earth we can get ourselves a ladies leather wrist bag circa 2011!

So whether you actually want the purse with the little wrist strap or whether you want the purse that literally straps around your wrist then keep reading to find out who's got what.

Infamous designer and wardrobe expert for the Devils Wears Prada, Sex and the City and Ugly Betty - Patricia Field - is always ones first port of call when it comes to cutting edge in the fashion world. What's even better about Patricia's designs and wears is that you needn't wait till your downtown New York to buy you can buy online at her website. Wahoo!

So at the moment Ms.Field has the most amazing strapless purse that wraps around your wrist. You will be Carrie from Sex and the City with this funky gem. It's a 100% genuine leather and comes trimmed in gold studs. It is a soft nubuck leather and actually just looks like a cool bangle. What's more is that it is so flat that it is really inconspicuous so it can tuck under a coat or a jacket - but you really wouldn't want to hide this baby. It costs $100.

Somewhere else you can get your wrists on one of these bad boys is of course eBay. eBay sellers are welcoming bids on all sorts of ladies leather wrist bags from vintage Gucci to modern day Pucci. So get your wrists out and start shopping!

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