Ladies hair bands are the coolest fashion accessory

Once upon a time, ladies hair bands were something Alice in Wonderland wore and nobody above the age of 12 would be caught dead in. Nowadays, as stars like Kiera Knightly, Cameron Diaz and Winona Ryder have made wearing ladies hair bands ever so cool; half the stylish women on the high street either love them or don’t leave home without one.

Ladies hair bands come in all sorts of styles – from the demure and plain black band to glitzy frilly things with bows, buttons and, yes, even glitter. Hair bands can be small and barely noticeable or so huge it’s hard to take your eyes of them but one thing’s for sure – there’s one for every personality and every taste.

Tuck a hair band into your handbag before you leave for the day. They’re awesome for straightening up straggly hair before an important business meeting, or adding some style to a straight-from-work evening outfit.

Shopstyle.co.uk has a huge selection of ladies hair bands. Here you’ll find Alice bands with cute bows, twisted hair bands complete with red feathers and styles from New Look, Debenhams, House of Fraser and Republic.

If you like to help struggling artists, head over to Etsy.com. They have a wonderful selection of online stores selling handmade ladies hair bands (called ‘head bands’ in the US) that are so cute you’ll have trouble picking just one.

Many high street shops have also outfitted their accessories departments to meet the growing demand for these perfect hair accessories. Their styles in stock change with the season and, of course, vary in price depending on the shop. But, as hair bands are such a cheap way to accessorize an outfit, don't expect to pay too much.

One thing’s for certain though. As more hair accessory designers see how versatile and fun the modest hair band can be, expect to see even cooler, more daring hair bands that jump out and scream “Style!”.

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