All about ladies England rugby shirts

The designs

The ladies' England rugby shirts are available in a variety of designs from long to short sleeved and collared to collarless. Some shirts come with front buttons while others do not. Some are even hooded. Many are found in two colours and some are even embroidered with small images. Generally, prices range from 12 to 25 pounds. The average price is 15 pounds.

Ladies England rugby shirts are available from several different

These are Front Row, Nike, Cotton Traders, HotScamp, Canterbury, etc.

Front Row

Designs from Front Row are quite stylish, especially the ones with long sleeves and collar. Colours typically range from one to three, with the average being two. The long sleeved and collared shirt has a classic look, with the collar in white and the rest in plain colour. The combination of white and pink or fuchsia works quite well for ladies. The prices for this one are in the 15 to 20 pound range.


Another classic appeal is the long sleeved and collared shirt from Nike. The shirt is front buttoned halfway and is all in plain white except for two little embroidered images on the left (red flower) and right (Nike logo) side, under the collar. Choose from three sizes; 8 (XS), 10 (S) and 14. The price is 25 pounds.

Where to buy

Go to Amazon.com for over a thousand choices. You can read reviews from other customers, if available, before you buy. Some of the items are star rated too, from one to five stars.

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