Ladies cut out swimwear - sassy and sexy is here!

Ladies cut out swimwear is more popular than ever before as celebrity magazines are often featuring various glamorous women posing in exotic locations wearing sexy monokinis.

While these swimsuits undoubtedly look good in photos it's worth remembering that they aren't always the most practical outfits to wear if you actually intend to swim!

Some swimsuits feature cutaway panels at the side which means tie strings on your hips. It's important to invest in your exact size when buying a suit in this style as the ties can loosen according to wear or if they're wet and then the suit can gape in a very unflattering way.

Another popular style is the swimsuit with the cut out underneath the chest region and down past the navel. This is a great style for showing off toned tummys but not always ideal for the bigger breasted woman! The key when selecting swimwear is knowing your body shape and dressing for it.

River Island currently have a black swimsuit that features cut out panels that are replaced by mesh inserts and this is an ideal way to combine fashion and practicality! You can expect to pay around £24.99 for a one piece cut out swimsuit unless you are lucky enough to find one discounted in your size. River Island is currently selling off some of their swimwear lines at up to 50% less than their original retail price!

If you're feeling adventurous, eBay has an extensive selection of monokinis in various styles and colours. While the prices vary widely on eBay, currently you can buy a white monokini that would be perfect for sunbathing, but not so much for swimming, for a very budget friendly £8.99 not including postage.

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