Surprise her with lacy lingerie: Yes or no?

Buying lingerie for your girlfriend or wife is a tricky task. If you go wrong with your pick it can be a candid invitation for a thorough tongue lashing from her. However, if you do pull it off and get her lingerie that fits her body and style you will be lavished with appreciation for thinking and showing her affection. So, should you surprise her with lacy lingerie: Yes or no?

Yes? You’re ready to buy her the best lingerie for her body type?

Get her size right

The number one rule of thumb men need to take seriously when buying lingerie for their partners is to get their partner's size right. If you buy lingerie that’s too small, she will know you’re not concerned about her size, which might flatter her or annoy her. If you buy something too big you are likely to get in serious trouble since she might assume you thing she is too big. Steer away from trouble by making sure you get her size right, even if it means snooping into her underwear drawer and checking the labels.

Get her style right

Does your girl love cute, pink lingerie with flower patterns? Buying her a black leather corset just won’t work. If she loves sexy, black or red lacy lingerie, buying her green booty shorts might come across to her as offensive. Figure out what your girl’s style is and get her the right style. She will love your gift and appreciate your thoughtfulness if you get her style right.

No? You’re not ready to risk buying her the wrong lingerie?

Buying a woman any type of clothing is hard enough let alone something as personal as lingerie. It is understandable if you are not ready to risk buying her the wrong lingerie. Most men opt for the usual gifts that can’t go wrong like a box of chocolate or a romantic card to show their partners affection. After all, which man would want to risk having his poor lingerie choice displayed to her friends as proof of what a psycho he is?


Lacy lingerie can be a wonderful, personal gift to give your girl, particularly during romantic occasions like valentine. So, should you surprise her with lacy lingerie: yes or no? There is no straight answer to this question. The decision to buy her lingerie lies squarely in your court.

If you decide to surprise her with lacy lingerie, take your time buying and do it well. If you decide not to surprise her with lacy lingerie, don’t tell her that you thought of buying her lingerie but chickened out at the last minute–at least not so quickly.

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