Lacoste 2014 Spring and Summer collection at New York Fashion Week

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Lacoste, celebrates its 80th birthday this year and the iconic French sportswear label famous for its green crocodile logo, didn’t disappoint with its new 2014 Spring and Summer collection that debuted during the New York Fashion Week.

Lacoste creative director Felipe Oliveira Baptista continues to maintain clean, classic and minimalistic silhouettes, and the tennis court is still the leitmotif and inspiration for the 2014 collection, that is luxurious chic casual, but with a new updated identity.

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The color palette is strongly based on solid colors with chromatic contrasts using navy blue, white, brick red, cream, pale pink and green, on cool and light cotton, silk or crêpe fabrics.

Very few prints were seen, and when they were, were geometrical slashes in muted out pinks and blues, that added some hue that was both on the women's and very boxy silhouetted menswear.

The sporting side of the brand was shown with striped jackets and urban tennis style A-line skirts and baseball inspired bomber jackets, without forgetting the classic polo shirt made famous by Lacoste that has been re-invented and reconstructed.

There were also layered transparent outfits, sensual and sexy but never vulgar, as their wasn’t a plunging neckline or a revealing side slit in sight, just matching skirts and tops – paired up with identical and transparent mid-calf flowing and transparent PVC or nylon raincoats, but there were also more solid colored red and total blue always long trenches, mixed into the collection and worn over short dresses.

The women’s and men’s pants blended the sports side of the collection with sleepwear, adding pyjama detailing and contrasting piping also to the coats and jackets.

Stunning was the floor sweeping backless halter maxi dress, but there were several mini shift dresses, including a classic striped rugby dress that was totally remodeled with horizontal transparent jersey bands.


CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL New York Fashion Week 2013: Spring/ Summer 2014 Shows - Photo Gallery

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