Like mother like daughter

It's always nice when children follow their parents' career path so we're thrilled to hear that Lizzy Jagger has made her mum proud by...errr...stripping off for Playboy.

The 27 year old appears on the cover of Playboy's June issue, naked except for a sheer scarf and some careful hair styling - we bet she's glad she didn't cut her hair for this one. She appears again in the magazine wearing a pair of thigh-high boots and some brown rabbit ears perched seductively on her head. According to Vogue, Lizzy turned down an offer to pose for the magazine five years ago as Jerry and Mick were against the idea.

In an interview with the legendary lads mag, Lizzie explains 'At 27, I feel comfortable expressing myself through my body', before going on to say 'I'm thinking I should do naked pictures before I have children.'

Her mother, Jerry Hall, previously posed for the Playboy cover in 1985. Lizzie is no stranger to high profile photoshoots, having previously appeared twice on the cover of British Vogue (albeit wearing considerably more clothes).

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