Quick guide to Korean street fashion

While Korean street fashion is certainly unique, it does share much in common with street fashion trends in Japan, Taiwan and other Eastern Asian countries and regions. Here we take a look at the main components of women's Korean street fashion and identify the key pieces that you'll need to recreate the look!

Major trends in Korean street fashion

There are two main influences on Korean street fashion. To the untrained eye, they can seem contradictory, but Korean fashion gets its appeal and uniqueness from how it seamlessly blends the two.


Women's fashion in Korea tends to be very ladylike and graceful. You won't find many low cut tops or short skirts - instead, shops stock lots of lace, ruffles and silk items. Key items from your wardrobe are tea dresses, cropped cardigans and kitten heels. Anything with bows, beads and frills is also likely to be popular. Popular colours include pastels and creams, and pearls and charm bracelets are popular accessories.


Korean fashion has been heavily influenced by the Harajuku, Kawaii and Lolita fashion movements in Japan. Cuteness is often prized above sexiness by Korean women, and fashion trends reflect this. Key items for your wardrobe include dungaree dresses, cute hats, playsuits, satchels and knee socks. Hello Kitty and anime characters are as popular in Korea as they are in Japan, and you'll often see the characters on t-shirts and fashion accessories. Colours tend to be girly but usually quite muted - baby blues and baby pinks are very big. Many "Kawaii" styles are imported directly from designers in Tokyo.

Where to buy Korean street fashion

If you're not quite prepared to hop on a plane to Seoul for some retail therapy, never fear - there are plenty of ways to get Korean fashion items in the UK. As you might expect, online shopping dominates in this area. eBay is particularly good for buying imports from Korea, or buying off UK sellers who have imported from Korea.

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