Knightsbridge UGG boots - what you need to know



The beginnings of the UGG brand can be traced back to the beaches in Australia where surfers used sheepskin footwear to keep warm before and after going in the sea. Australia has many sheep, so obviously sheepskin was easy to come by. The surfers found that as well as keeping their feet warm, the sheepskin was very comfortable and dried their feet by absorbing the sea water.

In 1978 a man named Brian Smith took the sheepskin boots to southern California. This area was well known for its relaxed lifestyle and surfing beaches, making it similar to Australia. By the mid 1980s, the brand had grown to wearers beyond the beach, and by the 1990s UGGs were seen on the feet of celebrities. In the early 2000s, UGG was recognised as a fashion brand, and more and more designs were produced aside from the classic boot. What started as a product for a niche market rapidly became a global phenomenon.


Knightsbridge UGG boots


The Knightsbridge UGG boot is a knee length style made from the traditional sheepskin. It features a warm fleece lining and a zip fastening which runs up the back of the calf. This style has a hardwearing flat rubber sole and is available in espresso and chestnut colours.


Where to get them


Knightsbridge UGG boots are available from online retailers ASOS (www.asos.co.uk) and Cloggs (www.cloggs.co.uk). To choose between buying in store and online, head to Office (www.office.co.uk) or Schuh (www.schuh.co.uk). Both have stores all across the UK. UGG boots are also available to buy in a number of independent retailers; to find out where exactly visit the store locator on the UGG website (www.uggaustralia.co.uk). There is also a list of authorised online retailers.

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