Where to find the best knee high winter boots

The simplest place to look for your knee high winter boots is on the high street. As soon as there's a chill in the air all of the shops get in their winter range. Buying early can save you money, as many stores offer boots at reduced prices before the actual winter season, so keep this in mind and make a small investment now.

If you don't fancy leaving the house due to the cold weather you could go online instead. There are numerous knee high winter boots out there for you to browse. The list blow highlights some of the best;





http://www.amazon.co.uk/tag/winter boots/products

Many of these sites offer special deals to those making a first purchase and also run promotions including buy one get one free and half price deals. Make sure that you know exactly what shoe size you are before purchasing shoes in this way, as some online stores only allow you to return faulty items and will usually charge you for any returns.

Alternatively you could go down the used boots route. You can find great pairs of boots in vintage and second hand shops around the UK. You could also look on eBay. You might even be able to find an older pair of designer knee high winter boots for the same price as those you might find on the high street. If you do decide to go down the second hand route make sure the boots are still fit for the winter months. It doesn't matter how much of a bargain they were if they let the cold in and onto your toes!

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