Knee high gladiator sandals: a fashion guide

A unique style of footwear, knee-high gladiator sandals add the warrior touch to any look and can be used to draw attention on long legs.


For a more glamorous result, knee-high glads are best paired with minimalist outfits, possibly simple monochrome or black and white, thus letting your legs and these statement shoes do the talking.

This very special type of sandals has been proposed in fashion runaway show every summer season for few years now before moving to marginal niche product to centre stage. Shoe designer famously focused on sexy and provocateur such as Jimmy Choo, Gianvito Rossi, Sophia Webster and Giuseppe Zanotti are traditionally specialised in the knee-high gladiator sandals.

Look at the knee-high, high heel gladiator sandals designed by by Giuseppe Zanotti in white, orange, gold or black as worn by Made in Chelsea star Lucy Watson: kept to a bare essential, these heels are super sexy and outfit makers in their right.

Additionally, there is a wide choice for subtler options of knee-high gladiator sandals both in high and mid heels, as well as flats, suitable for everyday use as well as red carpets. Simply visit high street stores such as Kurt Geiger or ASOS and take a look, for instance, at the classic flat glads by Carvela Kurt Geiger, in black or tan.

The knee-high gladiator sandals, however, need a little of know-how before wearing if we want to avoid fashion slips:

First of all, for a purely aesthetic vision, if the lower part of your legs is much thinner than the tights, pair these sandals with a mid-length dress, to avoid any further thinning of the calves due to optical effect. Other way around, these kind of footwear is great to minimize oversized bottom legs.

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If you are wearing chic studded knee-high glads, you may want to match them with oversized earrings with a similar style, for a very stylish finish. If you are wearing a pair of attention drawing gladiators and you are keeping your clothing minimal, you can definitely dare and add an embellished clutch to match.

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