How to wear knee high boots

Knee high boots can be a tricky look to get right. Worn correctly, they can be incredibly sexy in a classy way. Worn incorrectly, they can be sexy in a "streetwalker" kind of a way. We've compiled a quick guide to help you stay on the right side of the sexy/trashy divide.


Knee high boots are available in a range of materials, from matte leather and suede to shiny PVC. Needless to say, matte boots are easier to wear than shiny ones - which can make you look like someone from an Abba tribute band if you're not careful. That said, shiny knee boots can be a lot of fun if you plan the rest of your outfit carefully and cautiously.


The most popular colour for knee high boots is black, but you'll find a great variety of colours on offer if you look a little further. Plum, deep jade, navy, charcoal and grey all look fabulous on tall boots. Steer clear of white knee boots unless you're attending a fancy dress party.


Keep in mind that knee boots are a bold look, so when it comes to the rest of your accessories it's a good idea to keep things toned down. Simple, elegant jewellery that's understated can help to offset some of the drama of the boots.


Always opt for tights or stockings with knee high boots (unless you're wearing them with longer skirt, jeans or trousers). Bare legs with knee boots is generally a bit too daring.

Top half

There's a golden rule of fashion that says you should either show off your legs or show off your cleavage - and never both with the same outfit. By wearing knee high boots you're most definitely showing off your legs - so keep necklines modest. For a most casual look, team knee boots with a sweater vest - it's great for the changing seasons.

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