Where, Oh Where is My Kindle User Manual

If you have a Kindle you’re probably an avid book reader, but one book that isn’t fun to read is a Kindle user manual. User manuals are often misplaced after we’ve given them the once over to learn how to operate our electronics. If you have lost yours, you can find instructions online.

Where to Find Kindle Instructions

Finding instructions for your Kindle ebook reader is as easy as doing a search online. You’ll actually get several options. You’ll get options such as, ‘Kindle User’s Guide,’ ‘Table of Contents,’ and ‘Amazon.com Help.’ The easiest way to find your manual is simply going straight to the Amazon.com Kindle Store and click on Kindle Help Tools. From there you can choose the Kindle that you need help with.

Looking to Buy a New Kindle

If you want to buy a new Kindle, you’re not going to find many bargains. All the retail stores and online sites sell them for the same price that you can get them for online at Amazon. You may get a deal if you take advantage of the specials they run from time to time. Be on the look out for ads from Best Buy and Carphone Warehouse. Know what kind of Kindle you want, as there is the Kindle 3 G wireless that sells for £152, and the Kindle Wi-Fi for £111.

Buying a Used Kindle

Buying a used Kindle isn’t such a bad idea. Finding the cheapest Kindle can be done by checking eBay or other similar websites. Also try usedkindle.org. This website actually links to specific Kindles for sale on eBay, but allows you to look at what’s available. At the Amazon site, you can only get what is new and the earlier versions such as the original or the DX are only available used. We found Kindle Wi-Fi for as little as £55. When buying from eBay check the seller’s ratings to be sure you are dealing with someone reputable; and if they lost the Kindle user manual, you know how to find it.

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