Looking for a Kindle replacement screen??

It already seems fairly common, with numerous sites dedicated to Kindle replacement screens, as with all new technology they are fairly delicate in the beginning, until someone has the bright idea to meke them a bit more durable. If you have been unfortunate enough to crack or break the screen on your kindle, don't lose all faith as it is possible to get a reasonably priced Kindle replacement screen with plenty of instructions how to repair it yourself, or companies who are willing to do the lot.

Firstly, Amazon are acknowledging there is a slight problem with the sensitive screens, and generally repair it free of charge, especially if it is under warranty. The Customer Service is genuinely helpful, getting back to emails asap and generally replacing the entire Kindle product and not only the screen. They send the new product free of charge, with a return prepaid post bag for the old one.

If your Kindle is already past the warranty, not to worry as Globaldirectparts.com sell Kindle 2 Replacement screens for just under forty seven pounds. Or if you don't trust yourself to repair it at home with the manual, send it to missionrepair.com in America who will fix it and return it as quick as you like with a choice of overnight delivery or ground, for only sixty five pounds - with the guarantee if the same part breaks again they will repair it for only forty pounds. Alot cheaper than buying yourself a new kindle!

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