Kindle Reader - How to repair a broken screen

If your Kindle suffers from a broken screen it can be really costly to replace or repair.

The type of damage suffered to the screen will determine the extent of the repairs. A broken or damage screen from a fall or something being dropped onto the screen may be replaced by the installation of a new LCD screen unit which in most instances costs as much as 75% of a new Amazon Kindle Unit.

However, you should ascertain is if the Kindle itself is covered by warranty. If under warranty things such as mechanical or electrical failures will be covered. Accidental damage is not necessarily covered by the warranty but there have been many instances of Amazon replacing accidentally damaged units that were still under warranty so you will need to contact Amazon to ascertain the extent of the coverage offered.

In some instances if your warranty has lapsed it may make more sense to purchase an improved warranty for up to date coverage.

By using the customer care options provided on Amazon.com under the following pathway. help>digital products>kindle support you will find out the best way to proceed.

If you find that your kindle unit is not covered by the warranty and the only malfunctioning component is the screen then replacing the faulty unit is a very straight forward process.

Replacement parts for Kindles can be purchase from www.lunacommerce.com

With such a Kindle the repair of the screen is done as follows:

The Kindle itself needs to be turned off and the battery removed, this is achieved by sliding off the back panel off the unit.

Using a phillips head screwdriver remove the 8 screws from the back of the unit.

Using the tip of the case opener tool work around the back panel until it comes loos.

Remove all the screws from the Kindle's motherboard carefully.

Unplug the cables from the mother board and set this aside in a electrostatic protected area.

Lift the metal frame that holds the LCD unit in place out. This should allow the damaged LCD unit to be removed quite easily.

Replace the damaged unit and reverse each of the steps to reinstall.

This process should only be carried out if your unit is out of warranty as it will void it.



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