Looking for the kindle operating manual?

If for whatever reason you are looking to read the Kindle operating manual, whether you have lost your own copy or are looking to check it out before you purchase the kindle and make sure it is right for you and easy enough to operate, there is plenty of info online for you to check out.

Websites like amazonaws.com let you read the entire manual in PDF form, so if you already own the Kindle, you can download this copy straight to your device. Or you can check out the Amazon website under the Help section, that allows you to download different editions as well as the specific manual for your specific Kindle (such as Kindle 3G, Kindle DX etc) and has the option to download the Kindle Operating Manual in various languages. Amazon even give you the option, as well as the instructions, of how to update your kindle manual.

Or for those of you who would like to own a hardback copy of the manual, you can buy these online also. With a copy by Stephen Windwalker generally being the most popular or perhaps the most available, prices range from seven to nine pounds on sites such as ebay.com, bookdepository.co.uk or even at your local Sainsbury's. Released in 2007, only a week later than the Kindle itself, this Kindle Operating Manual hard copy spent a staggering 17 weeks on Amazon's bestselling list in the Kindle store.

So if you are looking to read a copy online, download one onto your new Kindle or are looking for a hard copy, the options to read the Kindle Operating Manual are endless.

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