The Amazon Kindle: guide to operating instructions

Overview of operating instructions for the kindle

If you’re one of the majority of customers who prefer ebooks to the printed versions (according to figures released by Amazon this year), you’ll need access to kindle operating instructions.

The instructions for the Kindle can be downloaded directly from Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) in portable document format (PDF).

How user-friendly are the Kindle operating instructions?

Containing 145 pages, the instructions go into every aspect of the kindle’s performance. The narrative is clear and broken into bite-size segments for ease of reference. As well as text, there are screenshots to give a clearer picture.

While the Kindle’s basic function is as an electronic book, the device is extremely powerful and can be utilised for other activities. You can follow instructions to personalise your Kindle, interact with your personal computer, or set up folders for your MP3’s (music files).

Chapters cover each of the Kindle’s features. Taking Chapter 4 as an example, the instructions focus on the Kindle’s excellent search facilities. They take each stage, whether that’s Kindle store, Wikipedia, or general internet searches, then explain how each is handled. There are screenshots to illustrate how the search results are displayed on the Kindle screen.

An important chapter (11) covers troubleshooting: everything from frozen screens to audio distortion. The beauty of the Kindle operating instructions being in electronic format is that headings are linked, just like websites.

How do the operating instructions deal with a new Kindle?

Simple! If you decide to upgrade your kindle, Chapter 10 explains all about migrating your books, audio books and other documents.

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