Kindle Manual PDF: Download it now!

Much to your surprise the Kindle manual in pdf format is available online for free download at kindle.s3.amazonaws.com. Here you can get the fourth edition which will prove very useful if you wish to learn how to use your Amazon Kindle ebook reader without any help.

The Contents

The Kindle manual has 11 chapters which present all the aspects of the eBook reader. There are the standard chapters of any manual, such as the getting started chapter, the troubleshooting chapter, settings chapter and so forth. Then there are the chapters that are specific to the Amazon Kindle, such as reading on Kindle, searching, buying, accessing the Web, and transferring files to your reader. Also the manual presents information on how to connection the Amazon Kindle to your computer and to Amazon.

Key Points

Just like in the case of other product manuals, there are some key interest points that you need to pay attention too. These points are related to the features of the Amazon Kindle that are the most popular:

  • Customer support services
  • Setting payment methods on Kindle
  • Wireless access
  • Ordering and Buying
  • What can you access with your eBook reader

Supported Files

The manual teaches you that even the cheapest Kindle can be used to transfer your own files into the reader just as well as it can be used to access books or newspapers. The supported formats are: Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX), .RTF, .HTML, .HTM, .JPEG, .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .BTM, .ZIP. The options offered by Amazon Kindle as far as conversion and transfer are diverse enough to please almost any requirements and the Kindle manual in pdf format will tell you how to do it, once you download it.

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